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Curious George

Meet George who was given to a little boy around thirty five years ago.  Now that little boy is a not so little thirty six year old with a little boy of his own and whilst George is still in pretty good condition for his age he is struggling to cope as well with playtime as he once did.  Like many thirty five year olds George is a little saggy, a little grubby, a little faded, and nursing one or two little knocks and splits.

The objective here is not to conserve George as a collectible item but to put him in to good shape for another thirty five years of play times and maybe even another generation.  Please click on the photos below to get a closer look and read a brief description of the work carried out. 

If you have a cherished Bear or Toy who could benefit from a similar procedure please email us at  Estimated costs are shown below.

Estimated time taken for surgery: Just over one hour

Estimated cost of healthcare: £20 - £30