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Welcome to the Teddy Bear Hospital.

From time to time we all pick up a few knocks and scrapes and Teddy Bears are no different, especially as they are made to be loved and sometimes Love can take its toll!  The Teddy Bear Hospital, at our Shop in Devizes, is a place for your furry - and sometimes not so furry anymore! - friends to rest and recover.  Our team of trained Teddy Doctors and Nurses will diagnose and treat virtually any ailment your bear may be suffering and we understand that most people a Teddy is far more than just 'a toy'.

We will work with you, and your Bear, to diagnose the problem and treat it professionally, conserving as much of the original bear as possible.  Any repairs which are necessary will use 'like for like' fabric and parts wherever possible, and where it is not the closest possible match will be found.

Your Bear is part of your family and whilst he or she is in our care they will be treated as part of our family.  Each bear will have their own room in our hospital and their own page on the hospital website.  Stringent records will be kept and a discharge certificate documenting their care will be given to you when they leave.  For your piece of mind all our Medical staff carry malpractice insurance (Public and Product Liability for those wishing to be accurate!) and if for some reason things don't go as planned we will always do our best to put it right.

All owners who place their Bears in the Teddy Bear Hospital must consent to images of their Bear appearing on the Hospital website - we will also do our best to preserve your bears dignity and no embarrassing pictures will be shown! 

If you have a Bear you would like to check in to our hospital but cannot get to Devizes please email us at and we will do our best to help.  If possible please include photographs of your Bear as it will make the consultation easier.  All bears are insured on the journey by Ambulance (Courier!) both to and from the Hospital.