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Teddy Gardner 1 & 2

Meet the Teddies' Gardner.  These two lovely chaps have come in to visit us together for some very special reasons. Both these brave Teds have been with the same family for many years and are looking to stay for many years to come.  Their owners have asked us to make them safe for their Grand Children to use which is going to mean some internal surgery.  Both Teds are traditionally made so use glass eyes, wood and metal joints, and wood wool stuffing.  None of these things are overtly dangerous to children however modern regulations do not allow them in any toys sold as suitable for children.

So what we are going to do is unstuff and wash both bears, removing all joints as we go.  We will then restuff with safe modern products and re joint with plastic safety joints.  Finally we will replace the glass eyes with plastic safety eyes which match the originals in size and colour.

This is a fairly extreme procedure which most owners and their bears won't need or want to do though it will mean the bears are family friendly for many years to come.  If your bear is stuffed with wood wool it is always worth considering a restuff as over time the wood acids do break down the fabric allowing dust and other unpleasant particles to escape from the Bear

Teddy 1

Teddy one does have some obvious medical problems.  As you can see he has no eyes and has become a little floppy so he will also require some extra help.