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This Bear was made from an old pair of Chinos.  The paw pads are made from the collar of a polo shirt. 

These days everything is so 'throw away' isn't it?  When things break it is often cheaper to buy a new one than repair it.  This way of living is having serious environmental consequences with the UK producing 290 million tonnes of waste every year with each person contributing around 260kg.  Our upcycled Bears are our way of addressing that trend.

Each Bear is made either entirely or partially from used clothing or material meaning that rather than going in the bin it is used again and gains a new purpose.  Upcycled bears will all be unique and may look a little different to traditional bears however they each have their own unique character and just want to be loved.  Upcycled bears can be made using child friendly eyes and joints or more traditional glass eyes and cotter pin joints.

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Upcycled Bears