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Heritage Bears

Teddy Bears have been part of childhoods around the world since Steiff (Germany) and Ideal (America) both started making them at pretty much the same time in 1903. Since that time they have been made in pretty much the same way with the only major changes coming with the introduction of plastic eyes and joints to meet modern safety standards.

Our Heritage Bears are handmade by us using traditional methods and fabrics such as mohair, felt, and velvet.  We make some bears exactly as they would have been made in 1903, with cotter pin joints and plastic eyes but generally use more hard wearing modern stuffing such as polyester as they last longer and discourage creatures like moths and weevils from taking up residence. Though if you prefer you can order a bespoke bear using Kapok or wood wool (wood shavings) stuffing.

Most of the bears we make for sale in our shop use traditional methods but modern materials such as safety joints and eyes. We  still use traditional mohair, generally from Germany, but have chosen to make bears that comply to modern safety standards so that they can be given to young children and become their first childhood friend as bears always have throughout the years.

There are several designs available in a variety of fabrics which we make to order.  If you would like to customize your Bear we do have a bespoke service available.

You can buy Heritage Bears on our Etsy site here